Thursday, February 7, 2013

Day 19: A Special Talent of Yours

Guys, I have a very special talent that's kind of a secret, but I will share with you:

I have the superpower of clairvoyance.

No, I'm not a shaman just to clear that record. But I have a niche for making accurate generalizations of future events or people if it's something that doesn't affect me. My emotions cloud my judgment to predict the future.

Some examples for evidence:

(1) My roommate freshman year and I were talking and we noticed that I knew her so well I could predict almost exactly what she would do next. So she challenged me one day, asked me what she was going to do next, and I said, "Laugh," and she laughed.

Ok, that sounds cheesy, let me try another one.

(2) Musicians. Half of the artists I really really like become ridiculously famous a year later. I.E. Jason Mraz and "I'm Yours" (I was listening to his live demos of the song long before it was produced), Passion Pit (Take a Walk), and Muse.

(3) I watch viral videos when they have 1000 views or less, and then the next day, BOOM 60,000 or 40,000,000 views (Gangnam Style).

(4) I predicted Obama would get re-elected. I had no leaning bias towards him or Romney, but I. Just. Knew.

So now that I've laid out my evidence, do you believe me when I say I have the power to predict the future, my power of clairvoyance?

(Insert Twilight Zone music here)  

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