Saturday, February 23, 2013

Why It's Great to be Single - Pt. 1 - Single Awareness Day

This last Valentines Day was my funny Valentine. And by funny I mean it wasn't what I expected or planned.

I was ready to allow myself to mope, eat a monkey-load of chocolates and watch sappy love movies in my sweatpants and cry at my pitiful absence of romance. Because, I'll confess, I've been a little bitter lately.

But I woke up that morning and thought the contrary:

I am grateful I am single. 

I'm grateful that I'm waiting out to have an amazing relationship, not settling for a mediocre relationship simply because I don't want to be alone (believe me, I have made many conscious decisions to be single today). I'm grateful it didn't work out with any of the guys I dated, even if many of them were fantastic, because I can see now how we would not be the happiest we could be.

I got up V-Day morning and went for a run. As I hit the pavement, I felt the wind blow my hair and felt happiness. Because I'm free. Free to decide whomever I'm going to love in the future.

I didn't end up moping whatsoever because I was very busy the whole day, and many wonderful things happened. I got a nice note and cake from an anonymous person, I got fed by multiple guyfriends' parties (gotta say, men got some serious awesome points for this), I went to institute and danced a little... And I went laser tagging with a few close friends, kicked everybody's butts, and got first place. 

It wasn't really a "take that Valentines Day" kind of mood, it was more of a "appreciation for better love to come" day. My first thoughts waking up involved dreaming of a spectacular love that I believe will be completely worth waiting, and struggling, and fighting for.

Someday somebody will be worth it for all the rejection, all the rejecting, all the disappointments, all the mistakes, and all the Valentines spent alone.

I'm sure of it.


  1. So worth the wait!

    BTW, your blog is really hard to read with the black and gray text. I'm gonna have to stick to reader cause it was hard on the eyes...

  2. Oh, dually noted, I lightened the gray font, let me know how that works for you.