Sunday, February 24, 2013

Why it's Great to be Single - Pt. 2

I saw many pins and stories come up about marriage lately, and I thought, "Why not write about living single?"

Well, research was conducted, and I found some fantastic articles as to why to enjoy the single life now. So, with those tips in mind, as well as my own...

Here are fantastic little reasons why it's awesome to be single and why to enjoy it now:
  1. Extra ca-ching ($$$) to blow: I'm not suggesting to go crazy, but life gets more expensive when you're paying for two. Before the budget gets tighter, I'm going to indulge on things that I don't have to explain to some hot, attractive, amazing man why I bought it. Your money is yours.
  2. No major commitments: What do you want to do tonight? That's totally up to you! Yeah, a man might help come up with more ideas and always remain a option as somebody to go with. But when it's yourself, you choose exactly what you want to do, even if it's nothing, without hurting somebody else's feelings. Your time is yours. You can travel wherever you want to and not have to compromise on something that both of you would like.
  3. Living vicariously through your friends, relatives, etc..: Something didn't work at your friend's wedding? Dually noted! What do your older siblings do that make their marriages better? It helps to get a better idea of what exactly weddings and marriage entail without having to stumble as much through them. Plus, all this watching and waiting is statistically proven to make happier relationships.
  4. No second guessing future, big decisions: More experience, more reassurance that you are making the right choice when you meet the right one. Plus a better grasp of self-identity. There's this rumour that sometimes when people get married too young they have a phase later where they freak out about this. I wouldn't know, but if it's true, then being single now is a great time to develop who you are.
  5. Time for getting away with stupid things: In moderation, of course, also. But what an opportunity to enjoying being young! Do the things that won't harm anybody else right now! And your mistakes won't have as heavy of consequences, so enjoy them while they last. Less responsibility.
  6. Having relationships with certain friends you might never have again after marriage: My sister constantly says to enjoy the relationships with your girlfriends you have now, because after marriage, your husband becomes your best friend for everything. Enjoy the girlfriends, and on that note, the boys too. It'll get awkward and probably inappropriate to have many guyfriends after marriage.
  7. Skip shaving, tweezing, consuming mouth wash, etc...: Go ahead, take a day off from shaving, eat some garlic,  wear sweat pants when you're staying home. Who are you going to impress? Your dog?
  8. On the other end...Indulge in vanity: Also, moderation, duh. Loving and serving another person takes a lot of time, enjoy the free nights where you can hit the gym to work on your fitness, give yourself a facial, whatever. Looking good will enhance your singlehood and liveliness, so go for it.
  9. Date whomever: This can also be a vice, but there's that saying that the only thing worse than being unhappily single is being unhappily married (or, dare I say, in a relationship). So if you're happily committed, good for you, that's the best. But for everybody else, think of it as freedom! Also, you can go out with all kinds of people! That certainly isn't boring.
  10. The remote: I know I'm going to watch those ridiculous guilty pleasure reality TV shows and other things now before it would torture some poor man. 
  11. Develop a new hobby, skill, activity, personality trait: Going with the theme of other things, you've got more time now! Want to learn a language? Do it! Want to learn about and travel the world? Do it! Want to get really good at hosting parties? Do it! Get good at initiating conversation with strangers? Do it! Do you catch my drift? 
Writing this is making me feel good. In fact, I'm going to go take the advice of Billy Idol and go dance...with myself. :)

So, in conclusion, married friends, go be happy, and single friends, go be happy. Both are awesome. The end. 
Ciao you beautiful people!

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