Wednesday, April 24, 2013

My Last Day at the BYU Bookstore

Let me tell you about the best job in the world and how much I am going to miss it.

First of all, I can 't tell you how blessed I am to have had a job in college in the field I am passionate about.

I love public relations, I love marketing, I love strategy and content creation. Not everybody gets the opportunity where Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Blogging is their job.

This job has pushed me to think analytically with data and research as well as creatively when it comes to making advertising campaigns for the big football screen videos you see at the stadium. I have learned a lot and with such I have also learned about how little I know. I am looking forward to taking the last year and a half of experience into my internship this summer and growing even more in this field.

Secondly, there's another equally important reason why this job is amazing: 

The people I worked with.

Yulee, Sadie, Ally, Tyson, Keyla, Angela, Chelsea, Joe, Hailey, Sterling, Frank, Worm, if any of you are reading this, thank you for being not only great co-workers and mentors, but also my friend, I know the last two years have been deeply enriched because of the relationships I've had with you. I'm sure I'll look back and miss these wonderful days. To highlight just a few below:
"The Polgyadate" aka Summer Lunch
Christmas Party

Worm Jones! - Best prank ever pulled on Tyson

Seriously people, you know you have a great office when they help make all your wildest dreams come true. I had a bucket-list fantasy to participate in a ridiculously preppy themed party where we played crochet.

I never told anybody about it. Then I came home from my Study Abroad and the office went off of our Provo Shore joke and turned it into the best, most preppy party ever.

Party barn, basset hounds, crochet, photo shoot, summer air and a hilarious game of "Truth or Dare." I'll never forget "The Event." It's one of my most favorite memories. And of all places, my office made it happen.

I had great managers, I had a great job, I had amazing coworkers and friends. Gem cart rides (particularly training), lunch dates, filming advertisements, brainstorming, Provo Shore, Tradeshows, surveys, swimming with Hailey, attacking Tyson with a giant stuffed pillow fish and pranking Ally, flowcharts, rejecting a couple of proposals to elope, getting attacked by frenzied giveaway recipients, doing a million more things than just what existed on the job description. Ah, sigh.

Trying not to choke up, but I will miss this job dearly. Today is my last day. Thank you everybody who made this last 1.5 years an incredible college experience for me.

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  1. :) happiness. We really are so lucky, and you will be greatly missed.