Sunday, September 22, 2013

Unencumbered Words

Words. I love words. Words are my job. The right words in the right context at the right time. The English language and I are having wild, complicated, frustrating flights of fantasy lately.

I am taking on a new adventure with my new job: copywriting. 

Copy - what? 

cop·y·writ·er [kop-ee-rahy-ter]
a writer of copy, especially for advertisements or publicity releases.

I'm glad it's a word in the dictionary, because my public relations professor didn't know what it was and reprimanded me for using such an atrocious word. (According to this definition, PR people would do it. So, inyourface.) 

These wild flights of fantasy have carried me to a magical land far away. But, when the nighttime falls and I leave the office, I stare into the abysmal void of deadbeat which we call Hillecam posting.  

Not to mention I established a new goal where I turn off technologies at 9 p.m. so I can sleep better. Major buzzkill for late-night surges of creativity, major buzz for every other aspect of my life. 

Life is wonderful. While work sucked all the livelihood for my will to write last week, I am glad I am doing something I absolutely love. I consider myself to be extremely blessed to be working in my relevant field doing things I love at an amazing creative agency. I don't think every recent college grad can say the same thing. 

I am building a solid foundation to a life brimming in creativity and meaningfulness. It's a lot of work but it makes me very happy. 

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