Saturday, November 30, 2013

Go home, Hillarybot, you're drunk

I stumbled across a pretty hilarious app called "What Would I Say?" in which a robot tries to emulate the things that you would actually post on Facebook - a Hillarybot.

Upon going through many grammatically incorrect posts as well as ones that maybe if I was completely drunk or completely high (or both) I might consider posting.

If you were ever wondering what a non-sober, Hillarybot sounded like, look no further:

"BDA 24 is starting a haboob."

"I'm hoping 80s synthesizer songs about to add me, always been a longggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg week."

"Well, I have been born. #RoyalBaby, It's a boy."

"and crazy is the City of hippies who smoked weed."

"went all Godzilla on the trigger, pull it, You"

"Facebook keeps thinking about Facebook!"

"Christmas has depression because he's losing his hearing."

"Just finished the Hunger Games before I fly home on my Ipod and people who are romantic composers and the security system went on a blog to the State of the week."

"Happy Birthday to Leann, our router to a wireless connection."

"well, we'll all float on, little boy, college student hobo day, or rather, Gorgovitch Day"

"I'm actually playing crochet in super Mario World"

"I didn't puke or die or something."

"I didn't get assassinated at the communications department for this"

"woke up in the Cheese Whiz"

Anyone else face-palming at their robotic regenerated versions here? Go home, Hillarybot, you are drunk!!!

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