Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Dream Diary - Episode 2: China Town in the Sky with Diamonds

Recently I had a dream that I finally purchased a bike that I've been contemplating purchasing lately. Once I bought it, I decided to take it for a ride around the city.

For some reason the Phoenix Metro area turned into San Francisco in layout - which when you add rolling hills and an ocean it didn't look too surprisingly different otherwise.

Anyway, I met up with my mom to go to Phoenix's China Town to find some specific cooking ingredient for dinner.

When we got there, the street bended up towards the sky and China Town was functioning upside down.  I explained to my mom that this was really hard to bike up. But for some reason we were able to climb up the street and walk on it.

Don't worry, it (always) gets better.

We walk into one of these boutique shops and my mother goes back through some secret hall with a small Chinese woman and leaves me to join a table with a man who has a Fu Manchu mustache and an Italian mobster - and then I realize that the Italian Mafia is actually in China Town and mostly run by Asians.

And I guess my mom is somehow affiliated with this organization also.

Then the two men ask me if I am in need of any of their "services" or if I need anybody to be "taken care of."

Before I could answer, I woke up. 

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