Thursday, December 12, 2013

My Aspirational Fictional Characters

I have three fictional personalities I am currently aspiring to be.

They are as follows:

(1) Sherlock Holmes: Eccentric, plays the violin, brilliant, and makes funny noises as he jumps out of buildings (I'm thinking the RDJ one with that one) - I am a huge fan of Sherlock's personality. I guess I always admire Sherlock for his insatiability to constantly learn ("my mind rebels at stagnation"), and his ability to say witty things and make brilliant observations. Wicked smart is a turn on for me and no fear of what others thinks of him just seem so awesome. 

(2) Fat Amy: Confident, hilarious, surrounded by hot shirtless men by the poolside towards the end of Pitch Perfect. Yeah, I have a new level of personality to aspire to. Aca-believe it.

Um....uh...I'm struggling to remember who number three is now.  Oh dear. I'll get back to you with that one sometime.

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