Saturday, December 28, 2013

What the movies taught me about dating

I get most of my dating advice from movies - which could be a debatable reason why I am single.

But nevertheless, there are moments whilst eating my bowl of cereal wrapped up in the show playing on my laptop when a character says something then I can't help but think, "Oh my gosh, that's totally my life!" 

The "True dat" statement for this week comes from homeslice Queen Adelaide from "The Young Victoria."

I would ask you if you're saying "What????" yet, but judging by my past, more outlandish blog posts, this one really isn't much of a stretch so I will simply proceed. 

She is one of my favorite characters from "The Young Victoria"- Queen Adelaide seems to be the voice of reason among all the other politicians that possess self-interest in young Queen Victoria's reign. She is less prominent than some of the other characters but she knows what she's talking about.

Well, the dating advice she gives stubborn and fiercely independent Victoria on the subject of courtship consists of the following,

"Every suitor will come with strings attached."

Now, I am no Queen of England. My dating prospects don't own Germany or Russia (that I'm aware of). Nobody in my situation has affiliation to aristocratic 1800s Britain. 

The core of this advice hit home with me, and it was basically this: no guy will show up in ideal circumstances. 

I am a firm believer in "timing is everything." The idea that things will just fall into place when they are meant to be. 

Until now. 

You go for the thing that you want and opportunity will present itself when it's right. Things you want and are worth having never come easily. 

This can be true for anything: going for your dream job, becoming a YouTube sensation, etc... 

Go make your own timing. And if it's really not meant to be, it won't work out. Everything has some strings attached typically. You know, for example, swamped with schoolwork or work. Getting over a past relationship. Lives 300 miles away. Whatever, man.

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