Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Dream Diary - Episode 3: The Tropical Getaway with Random Hot Men Theme

A preface: So, often, I tend to have similar dreams with the same theme. In the past I've had reoccurring themes of Zombie Apocalypses, running from giant monsters in the mall, running away from "The Man," running from men, gun shots, etc... 

The first one - At the Copa- Copacabana. You know, where music and passion was always the fashion?

Well, I was apparently on a Study Abroad in Brazil, trying to find my hut at the Copacabana. As I'm walking around looking for my assigned place, various men in swimming trunks and unbuttoned shirts are standing outside their huts and winking at me.

Eventually one of my hut neighbors, a hot, single, chest-bearing, dark-wavy haired bronzed young man comes up and starts flirting with me and asking if I need help. While we are talking, one hot guy threw one punch at another guy and knocked him on the ground in the background. Guy I am currently talking to looks over and says, "Oh that? Yeah, don't worry about it."

I finish up my conversation and this may or may not have happened - but I think the famous Barry Manilow song started playing like a soundtrack and all the hot dudes standing around started dancing, and I may have shimmied a little bit, while I unpacked at my new place.

Then I woke up. Is reality starting to sound drab to you?

Just wait, the theme returned last night:

I'm not sure if I was on a work retreat, or a study abroad, or an actual vacation, but it began with me walking off a small plane to a charming hotel in a remote island on the Grecian coast. I sat on a cliff by the ocean on a lounge chair, wrote in my journal, read a book, parasailed around the island and swam for several days.

One of the days after I finished reading a book and headed back to the hotel for breakfast I bumped into a hot blonde man, wearing swimming trunks, mostly-shirtless, and glasses coming down the steps from the hotel.

He asked me about the book in my hand and we ended up talking for a long time. He started to follow me back to the hotel when a redhead bumped me, reminded me that he was also on this island and that I shouldn't forget about him too.

Anyway, it suddenly became the end of my trip on the island and I was packing up my stuff getting ready to leave my amazing getaway when I looked out at the ocean and saw a giant hurricane. I walked out to the coast with my bag when a large group of hot, single men followed behind me to check out the storm on the ocean.

I remember distinctly looking intently at the hurricane to see if it was Sharknado.It wasn't.

Then the lobby / travel guide guy came out and told me that I would be stuck on this island indefinitely until the huge storms past because no airplanes would be traveling at this time. I guess I had nowhere to be so I was totally ok with that.

Eventually my alarm went off this morning, but I hit snooze and went back into the dream.

The hurricane was still going, but the hotel advised us to stay indoors. So I watched the storms from the lobby windows when blondie with glasses walked up, sat by me with two cups of herbal in hand and starts up another conversation.

Then I really had to wake up.

Dangggget!  Reality really sucks after dreams like that.

Also, if you were also wondering if my hormones were working... They are working.

Anyway, anybody else ready to go to Greece for a summer getaway? 

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