Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Time Stands Still

Winter may have the shortest days of the year, but I'm pretty sure January 5 - February 15th feels like the longest period ever.

I'll call it the Armpit of the Year. The Monday of months.

I have compelling arguments for why this is so:

  • Fare thee well Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Years. Besides MLK day (which not everybody gets off), there's no exciting holidays in the Western Hemisphere. Which is why I propose we celebrate the Chinese New Year.
  •  Every TV show goes on a hiatus! Guys, even the YouTube Emma Approved series went on a stifling halt - good entertainment (or entertainment in general) is a bit more difficult to come by.
  • No parties compared to holiday parties - probably due to a New Years Party hangover.
  • Work picks up again
  • For others: Winter Semester starts up, which in my opinion is the worst of all the semesters.
  • For others: constant gray weather.
Basically, in a nutshell, a lot of things become bland after December. And it's hard, am I right?

But, January, I'll give you some credit now that I've bashed on you, poor thing, it's not your fault that you have to follow the holidays:
  • Amazing weather in Arizona: it's been a little warm, but I can't complain about optional boot-wearing. 
  • Perfect season to half-marathon train, run, and get healthy. Thanks to....
  • Resolutions! Everybody is still motivated to start new this month.
  • Shopping: I can gladly return to the malls and my favorite stores again. And they usually have fantastic sales this month.
  • Changing the year on all the dates.
  • Everybody in my family has a birthday this month. 
Either way, my experience has been that life tends to start to look up after February 14th - not consciously, just by observation. Until then, I feel like I'm trapped in a moment and I'm watching the clock until it ends. 

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