Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Dream Diary - Episode 4: Indiana Jones and the Field of 1000 Gnats (or GNATMARES)

Indy is to snakes what I am to gnats, apparently.

So the dream starts in a similar opening scene to Raiders of the Lost Ark:

Wearing signature hat and wild-safari gear, here comes my Jonesefied self running from the gigantic rolling boulder from the booby-trapped temple with ancient golden idol in hand. (Side note: Pretty kick-butt way to start a dream, amiright?) 

As I make it out to the wild jungles of Peru, my last "obstacle" to escape from the chasing boulder consists of a small sand patch notoriously known as the "Field of 1000 Gnats."

In that field lies a gigantic bundle of disgusting gnats circling in a spot in the air where my face needs to run through.

I take a deep breath for a second because if I hesitate any longer boulder will serve me up as a flat pancake for breakfast. So I jump for it. And imagine this scene a little more slow-mo, a thousand gnats are hitting my face and one is about to shoot right into my mouth WHEN -

I wake up in a hot sweat.

The moral to this dream basically means that killing about three fruit flies a day is starting to get to my subconscious.

Although not as epic, I've had repeating GNATMARES that have woke me up at night. But don't worry folks, they are almost all exterminated from our homestead and life will proceed with other weird dreams to share. 

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