Thursday, August 7, 2014

Dream Diary - Episode 5: Yer a Wizard, Hillary.

The other night my roommates played a lively session of Sporcle's Harry Potter Name Chain game while I was getting ready for bed - and every time they didn't know a really hard question, they asked me. Which I recall replying with the same answer, "I have no idea - I don't know why you're asking, I haven't read the book in 6 years!"

Naturally my Hogwarts letter came in the mail in my dream that night -

Yer a Wizard*, Hillary! 

Well, that part actually didn't happen in my sleep, but rather 12 years ago in my dream. Pfft, who goes to Hogwarts as in adult?

Anyway, twas graduation day for my "friends" and I from wizarding GRAD SCHOOL.

I wish I could remember for the life of me what my emphasis and thesis was - lizard tail potion making perhaps? A masters in Defense Against the Dark Arts with an emphasis in Deathly Hallows? No idea dude - guess that's not a factor that detracted this dream's plot-line.

But I was wearing a white graduation gown, spending what felt like an eternity running through the maze from the Goblet of Fire and down through the Chamber of Secrets to finally get to my graduation seat in time. Sigh of relief comes to our group when my professor informs me that I will not graduate without my white cap - that I left at my apartment - and graduation will begin in five minutes. In which I start to panic.

Then I woke up. I guess I forgot I could say "Accio Graduation Cap" and solve my wizarding woes.

Perhaps this is a little late, but Happy Birthday Harry - here's a dream for your reading pleasure.

*Note: I do remember enough of Harry Potter to know that I would be classified as a witch, not a wizard - it's more for the funny playoff of Hillary being close to Harry, so bear with me**.

**Note for the note: You're probably already bearing with me if you read this blog post - so thank you for that.

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