Friday, October 10, 2014

The Idealist

Some blog posts are like a fine cheese: they sit in my drafts for months until they are ripe for publishing. I couldn't settle on the words until the right editing eye stumbled on it. Trying some poetry because I needed a little more creative writing and wild romantic notions in my life. Enjoy. 

You and I, we run and break the rules.

Together, we turn air into mountains.

Together, we fill burgundy hallways with silent content.

Together, we rule the backyard.

Together, we zip line into the bluest unknowns.

My eyes? Your home. My arms? Your refuge. My hand? An invitation to discover something crazy.

You and I. I'll follow you and you'll follow me. You don't care if I sleep through your favorite team's game and I don't care if you doze off during my favorite symphony (unless you snore).

We play cards to Bob Marley on lazy Sunday afternoons. We transcend context. We know the dustiest corners of each others' minds.

You. You're one step into the dark and two steps out to the light.

You. You're my favorite work of art. You're no quiet mind. You're a slow burn.

You. A deep sigh. An unfinished conversation. You're the moment after the skies fall. You're a moment of serendipity and an eternity of choices.

Until kingdom come, you are the gold flickering in the forest of my eyes. 

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