Thursday, December 30, 2010


Well, karma has taken its toll today.

Our fridge is essentially a ton of food with more often than not absolutely nothing to eat. My mom sets our food up so there's so much stuff that you can potentially cook anything you want, but that's the problem, nobody in my family gets too particularly excited about cooking and prefers something that we can throw in the microwave.

So when I saw Cafe Rio in the fridge and it hadn't been eaten for the last few days, I instantly went for it.

However my sister went for it this afternoon and I realized it was her personal leftovers from a previous night's date with her fiancee. She got stressed and angry at me and a hurry she swung a plate right into my nose between the eyes.

Yeah, my mom thinks I may have had a concussion. I can't respond to a question very quickly. My sister asked me who the president was and I had to think for a minute, my initial thought, "Clinton?" then thought, "No, Bush." and then "Duh, you know this, get it right!" and said Obama after thinking about it really hard. And if you ask me any question I have a delay reaction between three to five seconds.

The moral of the story, don't steal your siblings' food or else karma might strike you with justice. In my case justice came in the form of a sturdy ceramic plate.

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