Wednesday, May 29, 2013


I forgot to say goodbye to 21!

What a remarkable year, friends. It was nothing like I planned, but in a lot of ways, it was much better than what I could ever dream.

This is what 21 gave me:
  • Circling the globe in 22 days and seeing the world
  • Through that, discovering how to be truly happy again
  • Meeting and becoming really close with Jessica and Lucy
  • Becoming a music journalist and getting immersed with music this summer
  • Staple gu-u-u-nn-ii-ng (Imagine I was singing that, because I usually was while I was staple gunning)
  • Having amazing coworkers become my best friends and fulfilling my bucketlist dream to play crochet in super preppy clothes (and with basset hounds!)

  • Hours of laughter in the office
  • Serving as 3rd Counselor to the 2nd Relief Society in my Ward - my first big adult calling in church
  • And consequently gaining a testimony on visiting teaching
  • Meeting my roommate and one of my best friends Cori Scott
  • Becoming tight (like unto a dish) with all my friends in the PR program...
  • And with that becoming concert buddies and best friends with Chelsey Saatkamp
  • Attending so many freaking awesome concerts and seeing most of my favorite artists all in one year 
  • Missing the General Relief Society Conference for the Big-A** Show - haha, whoops!
  • Using my drinking-age privileges to get better seats at MIKA and Passion Pit concerts - soooooOOOoooo good!
  • Attending General Conference and seeing all the general authorities with my roommate and best friend Bryn Clegg
  • Playing lasertag one-on-one with Bryn and screaming at each other in an empty laser tag arena.

  • Having my old best friend since junior high Rachel Anne get engaged and married 
  • Watching my old high school best friends Julia and Chanda getting mission calls
  • Running my third half-marathon and meeting a personal best
  • Going to the ER for having a freak rib-contusion accident on my complex's stairs
  • Contemplating for the first time kissing somebody on New Years Eve that I met that night
  • Roller. Coasters. 
  • Having old freshman year friends coming back from their missions, and dodging a few unboyfriends from that era
  • Playing violin in stake conference 
  • Acquiring basic graphic design skills
  • Buying a MacBook 
  • Star Wars Marathon / excursion
  • Lord of the Rings Marathon
  • Consumption of almost all of the How I Met Your Mother seasons
  • Getting a car to roam free
  • Overcoming my fear of becoming an adult and leaving college
  • Overcoming my fear of a completely unknown future 
  • Overcoming almost all of my anxiety-depression
  • Getting over my ex and first love
  • Landing an awesome internship and jumping into a new job
What a remarkable year, indeed. We will see what 22 holds, I doubt it will be as exciting, but I'm cool with that. Each year brings different types of adventures, adventures of self-discovery, and I'm sure this year will be even better and happier in a lot of ways too. 

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