Sunday, June 2, 2013

Klout Topics

So the other day I was reading my good friend Sadie's blog post about her top ten most read blog posts. And it made me curious, "What are my top read blog posts from you guys?"

Well, needless to say, they were humorous, so I'm copying and sharing with all y'alls (sorry Sadie, I know this is your favorite thing).  This list is indeed starts with the most popular and goes down, just so you know.

Without further ado, my top ten most read blog posts:

1. Why it's Great to be Single - Pt. 2

2. True Love can Conquer Zombies

6. Forks

On Klout, I told it I was an influencer in music, branding, and food, but I guess I should change that to an expert in zombies, hipsters, and being single. Which those actually make a lot of sense strangely. So, I will feed the demands of my public and write more on those topics I'm clearly a pro at. 

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