Saturday, June 15, 2013


Random fact: did you know that #ME on Instagram has the most pictures? Over 64 million pictures!!! Insanity!

Hashtag Me. This online picture thing takes on a whole new complicated process when you are into marketing, personal branding and artsy indie stuff.

I'm reluctant to say I'm a hipster because hipster code strictly states not to say you are a hipster, so I am not a hipster. Because I just said I was. Or I'm not anymore. Wait ...

Hmehlalmkfoekj. Ok, moving on with this post...

The main pitfall to trying to be artsy, especially on your personal social media accounts? It's really hard to decide what makes you still look attractive while expressing creativity and your alternative lifestyle.

I'm not alone in this either.

I see it with my indie friends, they either never change their picture or they are constantly changing it. The happiest profile picture takerers are the ones that can keep it for about two-to-six months and be happy with updating it after said period is over.

But when you want to look indie, you stop posting whatever is a good picture of you or what's a funny picture and start thinking, "How do I communicate this message through my profile picture?"

The more I write this post, the more I'm thinking this might just be a universal problem.

Example A:

It has been over a month since I have graduated. And my picture has been stuck with a picture I posted on April 15th about graduating.

I think only employers even care that I've graduated at this point. If people are like me at all, they are wondering what I'm doing after graduation.

Ha. Kind of like how I am interested in people's lifes after their weddings. I worry when people don't even post any pictures of them together after their wedding because I suspect that they are (a) getting really fat or (b) not very happy or not doing anything fun (I understand that there is also a (c) option and that's being very busy).

Anyway, going off on a tangent again.

In attempt to acquire a new profile picture to stop tormenting others, I pulled my DSLR one day after work when I was looking especially librarian-esque and attempted to acquire a new Facebook profile picture.

Here are some of the shots:

Sigh.... Not scoring any douchebag-hipster dates with these ones. 

But on a happy note, I am pleased to say out of the 20 there were 2 successful pictures. So about a 10 percent picture success rate? Yeah.

There's my #Me rant. Sigh. When did our digital personas become almost as - if not more - important than who we are in person? I've created an entire career from this societal change.

I don't mean to condemn anybody for their social media use. It's got a place in this world now that we can't inevitably hide from. And there's good in it too: it provides an opportunity for introverts such as myself to be vocal.

I'm going to challenge us bloggers and millennials to shut off the computer and take time to develop our personalities in the face-to-face world. Because that's still the most important place in this world.

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