Monday, June 17, 2013

Dating Forecasting

Remember how I discovered that you guys really like my blog posts about being single? Well, I've been reflecting on my dating experience since age 18 and it's been quite enlightening.

I've made jokes about having a stereotype of guy that asks me out during different periods or phases.

And this is what I have proven to be statistically significant:

Freshman Year: Gingers. Lots and lots of gingers.
Sophomore Year: Hipster/ Techie guys with dark hair, hazel eyes and glasses
Junior Year: Tiny Lurkers
Senior Year: Short guys in a band or hockey players

Now keep in mind there are outliers in each of this phase, there was probably one guy in each of those phases that didn't fall under that category. But the majority do.

I am curious to see what the next stage in my life will bring. I don't choose these patterns they choose me. 

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