Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Remedy

Well, friends, sorry I had a debbie-downer weekend. It was really hard, I'll admit. But, I have come back invigorated to try even harder to dive into my life again! 

Sometimes it takes everything falling apart to go back and take a look at the foundations. I realized that, while I can't make all the circumstances around me what I want them to be, I can make myself happy in whatever circumstances come my way. I won't let myself be a victim of circumstances and I will grow where I am planted.

I am going to commit to from here on and accept and face with no fear the following:

I am going to do what I love. I am going to love what I do. 

And I'm going to accept and not be afraid that anything is possible and anything can happen.  

I am going to be really happy single. I will not be afraid to flirt. I will enjoy the dating process. 

I will love the life that I have. And I will make it a life that I have dreamed of

I went back and listened to some old school Jason Mraz, pretty much my favorite, and I felt inspired again.

I'm ready to take the world on! You know, once I get over being sick and stuff. 

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