Sunday, November 17, 2013

My Most Brilliant Friends

I am surrounded by some of the most remarkable people on this planet. Truly.

I'm not saying that because of the depth of our relationships, or because of the awesome mutual compatibility we were lucky to find in this world.

No, these people are brilliant, talented, remarkable forces out in the world. These people have tremendous stories, they don't settle for mediocrity. Looking at you guys, you are the people who are out being the change you wish to see in the world. You recognize your special skills and purposes and you passionately seek them relentlessly. I love you all for your passion.

Allow me to embarrass you, dear friends, for a brief moment, as I get specific on why you rock.

Here is a list - just to name a few:

  • Writer of English research papers in which every single professor came back and told her that if she wants a letter of recommendation for Grad School they would gladly write one for her.  Also Magna Cum Laude college graduate. 
  • Art Director of a Travel Magazine
  • Animators for various Emmy-awarded Short Videos
  • Video Game designers, programmers and entrepreneurs 
  • Linguist of 5+ languages: knows English, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and probably a few others. Lived abroad in Asia for 2+ years (and not even 23 yet). 
  • Graphic Designer who lands an internship anywhere he wants - including NYC - and has won awards for his work he's done just in college, and everything he designs look like a high-end product.
  • Recent graduated nurse who is the only "new nurse" who works in a sector of hospital with much older nurses - also, she kept a scholarship in a very competitive, very intense nursing program (and got in to said program upon first application). Also a accomplished violist and gangster. 
  • Public Relations coordinator for one of the top PR Agencies in New York City - and landing within 6 months of graduating from the PR program. Also kept scholarship, world traveler and Pop Culture Maven.  
  • Graduated with a double-major in honors and scholarship and is currently a Law Student in a prestigious program at age 22-23. 
  • Mad scientist who graduated with a double major in biotechnology and sustainability and getting her masters in biological science - and worked on development of algae-based products for a tech company. 
  • Primary business manager of an event venue - who received this position before graduating from college - also past VP of his university's student council.
  • Full time account manager and strategist for technology company (before even getting her bachelors), entrepreneur in fashion app development and world traveler. 
And this list can go on: Talented graphic designers, illustrators and artists; Actresses, stage managers and theatre teachers; Inspiring and brilliant high school teachers; Doctors and nurses saving lives every day; Public relations and marketing managers in prestigious companies across the country launching national campaigns; Entrepreneurs and philanthropists; Globetrotters on every corner of this continent; Passionately-committed mothers, friends and family members; Brilliant academics; And etc.. etc.. 

But really, friends, you are all quite kick A--. And this girl is one lucky soul to have such amazing people to associate with that constantly inspire me to shoot for the stars. Thanks for your example. 


  1. It's a good thing we all have this amazing super-creative, world-traveling, master violinist who worked crazy hard to get a major in PR and landed an amazing job in Scottsdale using her mad skills and creativity to kick butt to be friends with :)

  2. Now you're making me blush. :) Thanks Bonster,you definitely deserved your bullet-point. ;)