Thursday, September 25, 2014

Twenty Prompts Challenge - Prompt 10: The one that looks like it's about Batman

Hey guys, do you like Batman? So do I. Like, a lot. 

Unfortunately, the next prompt on this list did not ask me to share pictures of Batman memes. So I had to improvise by throwing them in here and there. 

Q10: What are the top five qualities you would look for in a spouse?

A10: I'll tell you something about all these prompts, they are deeply fascinated in my romantic hopes and aspirations. Exhibit A.  And let's not forget the even older blog post I jokingly and affectionately wrote, called "Dreamboat" in 2011.

But first, a row of Batmans.

Why am I trying to disguise this as a blog post about Batman? Well, the long-running joke is he has been a long-term relationship (when I'm not having flings with Peter Parker or Tony Stark). And I just love Batman so - Batman is synonymous with spouse, right? But really, I'm curious to see who just skims this vs. actually reads this blog post. It's got some meaty, personal details. 

So I had issues getting around to writing this blog post. I would much rather write about Batman. Thus you'll see why there was a several weeks-worth of hiatus between the prompts. 

To mix it up since my last post about my ideal qualities in an eternal companion, I would like to talk about the before and afters of my "top qualities" since I think it's a good chance to reflect on how my dating has matured. 

1 - Before: "Let's just say he better home teach and have regular temple attendance."

1 - After: The same - spiritually anchored in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and in Christ's Gospel. After being slightly flexible on this in the past, I'm extremely rigid now. I see no point being romantically inclined for a guy who can't take me to the temple at all, period. Non-negotiable now.

2 -  Before: "Dark dark hair that the guy has spent more time working on than I spend on my own hair in the morning," "Nice Jaw Line," "Epic running poses in a J.Crew suit." 

Ok, so maybe most of these were a joke. And the other blog post did ask for fantasy. Here's the reality:

2 - After: I am mentally, emotionally, and physically attracted to him. (And vice versa).
The specifics get complicated, but let's just say instead of crossing details off a list, nowadays I go based off of feelings, experience, and potential. Not to mention, getting pass this bullet point astounds me because, as I am sure applies to others reading, it's so hard to feel all of these for one individual. 

3- Before: "Secret talent to regulate corporation corruption through blowing things up and beating up the CEO's that hide on the other side of the world," and "Financial savvy to save post-war confederate America."

3 - After: Intelligent and Passionate about life and his work. (Or, you know, Batman) 

4 - Before: Cuddler.

4 - After: Works with me towards a Devoted, Extremely Loyal, Loving, Kind, and Understanding Relationship
One the things I struggle often in my dating experience pertains to feeling judged too quickly and guys withholding affection. I feel blessed that in the mess of rudeness, curtness, criticism, that a good and healthy relationship came into my life or else I would not desire commitment. 

I've learned with age it's one thing to be a good person, and it's another to be a good for a relationship. Cuddles are important, don't get me wrong. But as someone who could be better at this bullet point, I'm learning to express a variety of love languages better so I can be better in relationships.

5 - Before: Gets my random British rock references

5 - After: We fill each others' lives with joy, laughter, and purpose. 
Speaks for itself. 

But really, if you wanted the Sparknotes version of this blog post: I'm looking for Batman.